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Virginia Dodgeball - No Pain, No Shame

Virginia Dodgeball Tournament Recap

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Before we get into the tournament, I think we all agree that a special "thank you" must go out to team Suga Mamas for their intense - take no prisoners style of play. Way to go ladies.

Congratulations to Bring The Pain for their exciting 3 - 1 victory over Women Love Donnie. Bring The Pain consisted of: Stephen Cook, John Chandler, John Gerstein, Jess Singletary, Carlton Dans and Ben Schor.

The Virginia's Top Four

  • 1st Place - Bring The Pain
  • 2nd Place - Women Love Donnie
  • 3rd Place - iDodgeball
  • 4th Place - Barnelbe

(The complete standings can be found at the end of this article.)

The tournament had 21 teams. Each team had 5+ players. Teams came from DC, Virginia and Maryland to compete. The energy both on and off the court was palpable by the 250+ in attendance. Teams and fans began forming favorites immediately.

Ephedrine Heads treated the fans to some highflying acrobatics, as Michael Logan did THREE jump splits in a row to avoid being hit. Being a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do must have helped, as he leaped at least FIVE FEET in the air. Unfortunately Michael was nailed directly in the chest on his fourth dodge attempt.

Team competed in five rounds of play in this best of 5 round robin event. The top teams in each of the 4 groups moved on to single elimination the semi-finals and finals.

The event went on without a hitch due to the top-notch staff of S&H employees and volunteers. I thank each and every one of you. As always there were some disputes to the rules and decisions of the refs and Tournament Director. Thank you for all of your input, issues were legitimate and will be taken into consideration for future tournament. We welcome any and all feedback on the tournament. Please post your comments on our message board on www.virginiadodgeball.com or through our contact form.

Thank you to our sponsors: Cue Club, Exxon, San Antonio Bar Grill and Subway. We thank everyone (players, spectators, sponsors and staff) that made this tournament a successful and FUN event for all. Thank you again!

Final Standings:

Group 1:

  • iDodgeball - 15
  • Lizard Loungers - 13
  • Darryl Strawberry Rehab Tour - 10
  • The Closers - 7
  • Celtic Bombers - 6
  • Team Gorlaski - 5

Group 2:

  • Barnelbee - 14
  • Shockers - 13
  • Camp Counselors - 12
  • Ephedrine Heads - 11
  • You Stole My Stapler - 1

Group 3:

  • Women Love Donnie - 14 (Head to Head - def Nexus Society 3-2)
  • Nexus Society - 14
  • My Ball Your Chin - 13
  • Lighta Crew - 8
  • All Ways Rockin - 5

Group 4:

  • Bring The Pain - 15
  • Schandler's List - 12
  • Wakefield Warriors - 7
  • The Seven Deadlies - 6
  • Suga Mammas - 4


  • Bring The Pain def. iDodgeball - 3-2
  • Women Love Donnie def. Barnelbee - 3-1


  • Bring The Pain def. Women Love Donnie - 3-1